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blue eyes makeup tumblr
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Learn how your comment data is processed. To make your blue eyes pop, apply a highlighter across your brow bones just under your eyebrows and within the inner corners of your eyes to create a natural glow that brightens and accentuates your blue eyes. Surprisingly enough, the opposite is true. Instead of using brightly colored or dramatic eyeshadows and dark or thick eyeliner, tone everything down instead. Subtle highlighting around your eyes can create a frame for your eyes that sufficiently enhances them without using dark eyeliner. Many people believe that not wearing bottom eyeliner can cause your eyes to disappear within your face without a frame to make them stand out. However, not everyone is naturally born with big blue eyes.

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Virginia. Age: 29.
blue eyes makeup tumblr

Eyeshadows within the brown color family look great with blue eyes.

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Kimora. Age: 23.
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5 Ways to Make Blue Eyes Pop with Proper Eye Makeup

Instead, it washes out the color of the blue eyes and causes them to appear less blue when compared with the bright blue makeup. However, many blue-eyed beauties find themselves too attached to their blue eyeshadow or liner to remove it from their makeup collection completely despite these warning. Your email address will not be published.

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