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The author proposes the use of biography as a counseling strategy through which bright young men may gain helpful insights to deal with the problems they face. Abstract High achieving young men in secondary schools and universities face important social and emotional issues throughout their adolescence and passage into adulthood. We knew that it was going to be posted in the gym, in the morning. Events in the gymnasium the previous afternoon had been upsetting for Adam and his peers, and together they were called to the office at the request of their counselor. My mother was at work, so I waited until she got home, and then I told her. Once the boys were settled, the counselor picked up a worn copy of a paperback and began to read the following passage to the group of young men who felt so let down: For about two weeks, every boy who had tried out for the basketball team knew what day the cut list was going to go up.

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I had to wait until after school to go home.

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They are the stars of both the Audio Visual, broadcast and print advertisements. The university professor listened attentively to Heath and then reached for a book from his office collection. He also explained he was no longer involved in sports and had not been lifting weights, something he had done religiously throughout high school.

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