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dog knotting
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Rajesh Singh July 3, 0. The normal posture of mounting is described as the male stepping forward and placing both fore legs on either side of the rib cage of the female. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The normal act of breeding involves excessive thrusting, pressure, swinging of the body and a fair amount of action and changes in posture. Knot tying is a normal process during the act of mating and may persist for 10 — 30 minutes before both male and female are set free.

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dog knotting

After tying, the male brings one of his fore legs over the female and stands beside her, with the genital organs still copulated.

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Complications from injuries on and in the reproductive tract, high blood loss, self injury due to discomfort and secondary infections are common due to a stuck dog knot. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest. One of the two swings and they come into a position where they are facing the opposite direction of each other. Rajesh Singh June 15, 0.

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