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The next morning she wakes up by the river, a few miles north of the camp. Looking at his hands and feet he concluded that he was now about 6 in tall. That night,the girl sets up camp,and Mathew begins to gather wood to light a campfire. Fearing your immanent fate, he starts to look further down inside and into her darkened throat, Staring down at her gullet as it begins to open welcoming him in. She smacks her tongue and mouth on him sucking and savoring his salty flavor. Awakening by the tree he had used for balance when he started to pass out.

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Makenna. Age: 21.
indian giantess

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Matilda. Age: 31.
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Indian Giantess

No money is being made from this work. Most of that day is uneventful,and although there is a few clues they find along the way to help them track a path most of the day is spent talking and getting to know one another a little better. He decided to start venturing out into the world and invested his life saving's in a gold mine that his uncle left in his will when he got the consumption Tuberculosis and left the deed to the land in his name.

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