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Douglas believes his parents never stopped loving each other. When Douglas should have been promoting his book, he was by his son's side in intensive care. We had salt-water sores all over us and the heat would be taken out of your body — it was horrible. Douglas is punched in the face when the crockery smashes after not being stowed away properly, and he is pummelled into submission. I wish he'd stayed a professional man.

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The book alludes to "inappropriate sexual connotations" but is hazy about specifics.

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I didn't have to take you around the world. His own book charts the family's transition from farmers to sailors and the 18 months at sea before the wreck — they were, it transpires, almost killed within hours of leaving Falmouth when they sailed into a Bay of Biscay storm. She knew the water at the bottom of the dinghy was poisonous if taken orally because it was a mixture of rain water, blood and turtle offal.

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