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That toil in dream, that heap your hoards, That, sober-sad, or tipsy, Scourge Mother Earth, great guano-Lords, Still crying, " More, old gipsy! Three hundred years Passed like three days: and lo! Bend o'er them, white-robed Acolyte! The Soul, insurgent'gainst its Maker, lacks The strength its vassal powers to rule. He sang the dignity of man, Sang woman's grace and goodness; Passed by the world's half-truths, her lies Pierced through with lance-like shrewdness. Memory alone Fruition hath of what this morn was mine: O'er many a beauteous scene at once she broods, And feeds on joys without confusion blent Like mingling sounds or odors.

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aubrey wicked weasel

Slowly tolls, As sinks the sun, yon church-tower o'er the sea: Abroad once more the peal funereal rolls, And Spezzia now responds to Lerici.

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Amelie. Age: 32.
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Fulfill'd thus far the Poet's words:And yet a truth, that hour By him unsung, upon his chords Descends, their ampler dower. Of all her girlish graces Perhaps one severed tress remains: The rest stern Time effacesDust lost in dust! The People heard; and, far and wide, Like some long clarion blast, By town, and plain, and mountain side The inspiring Mandate passed: His children's crust the peasant shared With him that brought the news, and bared A hearth already blank to aid That great emprize so long delayed. The true aspirant can never have cause for despair.

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