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when did tina louise die
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On the Fox animated sitcom Bob's Burgers , the family's two daughters are named, oldest to youngest, Tina and Louise. Tina Louise continues to live in New York City. Besides continuing her volunteer work in literacy, she has written several books. The book continues to be an educational tool for children, as well as adults and was recently approved by Joel Klein, chancellor of New York City Public Schools, and is tentatively awaiting on the E-Catalog for principals in the fall of Created a health care company, "TLC", and marketed a parasol for women to keep the sun off their skin. It was at this point in her career that she began studying with Lee Strasberg and the Actors Studio in New York because she believed it was "time to develop and deepen my knowledge of the craft.

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Lee Strasberg," says Tina, "had the most dynamic effect on me.

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'Gilligan's Island': Where are they now?

Her first book, a personal memoir on her first eight years entitled "Sunday", was published in According to Russell Johnson , Tina was told she would be the main star of the series when she was initially approached about doing it, and when she arrived in Los Angeles after accepting the offer, she found out otherwise. Tina Louise continues to live in New York City.

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