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Yeah, they were definitely magical. Attack of the 50 Foot Woman , Spins a Web , Fantastic Voyage , Dracula — they all served as pop culture inspiration for episodes that went on to explore science topics. Remember how Miss Frizzle's earrings glowed before every field trip? The next time you settle in for a Netflix Magic School Bus binge remember all the ways you can appreciate the show even more now that you are an adult. I know I didn't put any thought into who was voicing the Frizz, but knowing Tomlin is a proud feminist and groundbreaking comedian explains the character's innate appeal.

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magic school bus sex

In other words, you got schooled by the Frizz and as a result turned out to be a well-rounded human being.

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11 Ways 'The Magic School Bus' Makes So Much More Sense As An Adult

Watching it now, you can totally appreciate the meta nature of it all, but back then the segment was more than a little weird. This visual cue didn't mean much to you when you were a kid, but it opens up plenty of questions about the nature of Miss Frizzle's powers now that you've watched six seasons of Lost. The Magic School Bus was a gateway to the world of science for a generation of children, and it was entertaining — two things I am ashamed I once thought were mutually exclusive.

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