Furry egg laying

furry egg laying
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Lone Wolf: The idea is to replicate the act of being impregnated with eggs. Usually from an alien or insect. People get turned on by many things beyond what our respective societies would deem "normal. I had tried everything else: I had owned a restaurant and managed many other businesses and had many successes. I think you've comfortably managed that.

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Celine. Age: 30.
furry egg laying

I wanted to push the boundaries of people's comfort levels, make them question their own erections and wet panties, and let them know their fantasies do not have to go unrealized.

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Lindsey. Age: 25.
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The Emerging Fetish of Laying Alien Eggs Inside Yourself

Something that breaks the monotony of people's days and makes them spit out their coffee when you tell them what you do. For instance, if you are allergic to gelatin. Before Primal Hardwere, I was creating one-off custom commissions for people who couldn't find what they were looking for elsewhere.

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