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I lift weights once or twice a week and can squat 10 to 15 reps of my body weight, about 60kg. More From Celebrity Workouts. I train three to five days a week, alternating body weight and weighted circuit workouts; rarely cardio unless I go for a run with my dog. She says: 'My attitude to exercise has changed over the years: in my early twenties I worked out all the time in the gym, desperate to be thinner and smaller than my 5ft10in frame so I could look more like other girls. It also gives me more energy, which is important when you have an active, growing family. I'm still learning my limits.

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Allyson. Age: 24.
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To celebrate the stars of the Naked Issue, past and present, WH has collected a series of the images of the women who have bared all in the name of body confidence and female empowerment.

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Sarai. Age: 30.
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She says: 'I simply want to be the best, healthy, toned, happy version of myself. When I was younger, I always wished I was more petite or willowy; now they're a symbol of my success as an athlete. She says: 'Eating well and getting fit is about feeling amazing. I've grown to love my bigger legs and bum - they're vital for bursts of speed.

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