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We asked a bunch of ten year olds how they use technology. The sensory pleasures spur and excite—a virtual lick to the ear, a kiss to the neck. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising. But since both ASMR and sex pertain to intimacy and pleasure, it is unsurprising that now we are seeing the emergence of a subgenre that makes that overlap explicit. It seems to be about excavating the sexual from the nonsexual. To let my imagination drift, I lowered the sound levels and closed my eyes.

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Kayleigh. Age: 32.
asmr erotic massage

These are women who fit it into a distinct, fantasy-friendly mold: Doughy-lipped and blonde, they are essentially life-size Barbie dolls.

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Kayla. Age: 29.
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I certainly found myself drawn to this form; it felt more like approaching a blank canvas — I could go anywhere I wanted. As wellness has become more commodified in the last decade, it is easy to see the appeal of ASMR erotica, a space that feels at once restorative and escapist, instructional but just as open to fantasy. It seems to be about excavating the sexual from the nonsexual.

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