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The finishing touches of hair and makeup follow to make Julian a very pretty prom queen. They are unpacking their purchases in the conservatory when their lodger walks in and comments on how uncomfortable lingerie must be to wear. Starring You and Holly Kiss. Your small dick WILL be in panties! By this time it's too late as they already have a girls office uniform for to meet an important client. Jess makes Lola's dream come true with a little blackmail.

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The nurses soon convince Jessica it is for the best.

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Tim has has been invited to a vice-versa party but he doesn't want to go as he would have to dress as a girl. Today Wendy and her son have an appointment with a gender specialist who will discuss the blood test results. Ed then spots a spell book and Rosemary confesses that she is a witch with magical powers. So come on, hurry up, get your clothes off and prepare for your new female look.

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