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Make it even better with: anal beads. Make it even better with: erotic lingerie. This position also allows the active partner to reach round to please the passive partner with their hand. In this version, however, things are a little different. The active partner should kneel in front of them, close enough for the lucky passive person to rest their feet on their chest.

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Addisyn. Age: 27.
slow sensual fuck

The person who will be penetrated curls up and their partner curls behind them, spooning them.

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Azalea. Age: 32.
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If the passive partner is feeling dextrous, they can give additional pleasure with manual stimulation. If the receiving partner pops a plug in before penetration, it'll add to the feeling of fullness and intensify their orgasm. Start with the passive partner on their back, with their head supported by a comfy cushion.

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